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Yo mama so dumb she thought Meow Mix was a record for cats yo mama so dumb she thinks brownies are people with brown skin. The Guardian website is a good example of an application that was designed and built as a monolith, but has been evolving in a microservice direction.

Splitting the monolith's components out into services we have a choice when building each of them. But a technique that is more effective for a more skillful team isn't necessarily going to work for less skillful teams. With a monolith any changes require a full build and deployment of the entire application.

They have been building these bases day and night, unceasingly, since the s. We assume these magical little rectangles can fix all of our problems.

Then malice was born," he said. References While this is not an exhaustive list, there are a number of sources that practitioners have drawn inspiration from or which espouse a similar philosophy to that described in this article.

These prompts are absolutely perfect troll bait they'll never see coming. Schedule distraction-free periods on your calendar when which you can fully attend to one task at a time. Those that do may have different attributes and worse common attributes with subtly different semantics.

Yo mama so dumb she got hit by a cup and told the police she got mugged Yo mama is so dumb not even Google could translate her. So what does this have to do with a thermometer. I demand you show me some evidence of this. It was a dumb idea in the first place. Evolutionary design recognizes the difficulties of getting boundaries right and thus the importance of it being easy to refactor them.

Yo mama so dumb she stood on a chair to raise her IQ. Efforts to use the web have contributed, using simple protocols is another approach derived from these experiences - a reaction away from central standards that have reached a complexity that is, frankly, breathtaking.

Will the CIA Assassinate Trump? “He’s Being Really Dumb For Questioning Russia Conclusions”

Are Microservices the Future. This is not the first time that Duterte criticized God. Battle-tested standards and enforced standards It's a bit of a dichotomy that microservice teams tend to eschew the kind of rigid enforced standards laid down by enterprise architecture groups but will happily use and even evangelise the use of open standards such as HTTP, ATOM and other microformats.

Standards managed by groups such as the IETF only become standards when there are several live implementations of them in the wider world and which often grow from successful open-source projects. Putting components into services adds an opportunity for more granular release planning. Yo momma so fat and dumb, she tears apart computers looking for cookies.

Being woken up at 3am every night by your pager is certainly a powerful incentive to focus on quality when writing your code. The other half were asked to place their phones on their desk, ostensibly so they could answer a few survey questions about its features. And SOA is hardly the root of this history.

Shallow, poorly constrained earthquakes at depths of 3 to 4 miles are, in all probability, caused by massive underground explosions at these DUMBs or their connecting tunnels.

Europe is stiflingly hot right now. Josiecki makes claims about ocean acidification, sea level rise, etc. There is an element of chaos present during this unprecedented transfer of power to the 45th president, and a wounded animal in the defensive-attack posture.

Rujiel repeatedly tells me to kill myself. Often used resources can be cached with very little effort on the part of developers or operations folk. It turns out that once you have invested in automating the path to production for a monolith, then deploying more applications doesn't seem so scary any more.

When it happens, it will be too late to stop it. Yo mama so dumb she thought a quarterback was an income tax refund. In addition there are plenty of organizations that have long been doing what we would class as microservices, but without ever using the name. We've been there too and we did something about it.

Are people dumb? Or is the world just hard? This was the title of an interview with behavioral economist and Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler on the podcast Freakonomics.

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Duterte asks: 'Who is this stupid God?'

Dumb, Funny, and Stupid Laws! We are dedicated to bringing you the largest collection of stupid laws available anywhere. Some of the strange laws that are still on the books will amaze you! stupid bright, smart, clever, intelligent, quick-witted. dumb something down trivialize, sensationalize, make shallow, make superficial, make trivial, make frivolous, make less intelligent I know it must be tempting to dumb down news.

dumb adjective. 1. Lacking the power or faculty of speech.

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This is dumb
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