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Will your mobile solution improve a life.

Vodafone’s research on the social role of mobile phones

For more information on the global outlook on Responsible supply chain practices from a Vodafone perspective, click here. The link between high mobile use and economic growth is a causal one, according to a report — India: Vodafone has more than thousand employees around the world, working in customer care and administration, selling and distribution and operations; about 21 percent of all Vodafone employees are located in India, which is the largest market for the company in terms of number of mobile customers.

Currently there are farmers, across 6 districts of Bihar and 1 district of Odisha, benefitting from the solution. Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust Eye Connect, a customized mobile application to overcome eye care challenges in remote areas Established inthe Sankara Eye Care Institution today has 13 eye hospitals across 6 states of India and provides eye care to the poor.

In addition, the app has received over 18 million service requests and over complaints. This project also has a huge environmental impact. Swayam Shikshan Prayog SSP Arogya Sakhi, a mobile application helping rural women entrepreneurs delivering preventive health care at rural doorsteps.

We do this by developing new models of education and training that enable participants to develop the practical skills and networks to build their professional toolkit for long-term career success.

As a pioneer of small cells, his work experience spans multiple disciplines and continents. The tablet is connected with a speaker set so that the audio sections are clearly audible to the children. All our programs focus on building skills for careers with a social impact.

The right leadership is critical to starting a new business New businesses require the right entrepreneurial and committed leadership to get off the ground and succeed.

Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct. Participants in your classes could range in age from 20 to 60, with great diversity of cultural and professional backgrounds. While we know that this information would have value to many people in Cambodia, it was impossible to accurately capture the social value of such a diffuse benefit.

Learning-Alphabet learning, Story reading, Story listening and Testing. Before this he was a senior member of Vodafone US Technology. Over the last couple of years, Laura managed to make it to Everest basecamp, do an ultra-marathon and cycle over miles in 2 days fundraising for refugee children.

Amani Institute also develops customized training programs for foundations, universities, NGOs, and companies. Today, the app has been witnessed over 10, downloads across mobile platforms. The value to a company is the internal value.

Vodafone commits to 100pc renewable electricity by 2025

Amani Institute is transitioning from a start-up to a scaling organization, so staff members are expected to do many different types of tasks, which may include long hours and intense periods of work. Every year The Vodafone Americas Foundation seeks out the startups and organizations who are innovating on wireless technologies and making true impact in the world.

It is installed on a generic 7-inch Android tablet and consists of four components: The data captured is reviewed by a physician, who then provides her expert comments and generates a medical report. Inthe International Labor Organization ILO noted that more than 80 percent of jobs in Cambodia are vulnerable, meaning they are not able to weather fluctuations in demand and capital flows.

In addition, farmers share their queries, participate in polls and take part in surveys that provide data keys for research thereby implementing a two way communication channel.

Fortunately, we brought on new leadership and our team was able to re-engage. Biological program of disease aversion for horticulture crops Challenge — Overcome the difficulties of rural farmers with a cornerstone solution to engage with rural farmers on a day-to-day basis to help them achieve a high quality yield, thereby increasing income.

Sakhis equipped with tablets and mobile health devices such as blood pressure machines, glucometers, etc. This is used by field managers to help in standardization and improve efficiency. Speaklear, Automatic Evaluation and Treatment of Pathological Speech Disorders [Arizona State University] gives underserved communities access to a speech recognition mobile platform that can assess communication disorders and treatment remotely.

Previously, she worked with GOOD, curating content about public interest design on good. Arogya Sakhis then deliver the reports, provide verbal clarifications as directed and communicate details of the care and precautions to the patients at their doorsteps.

DDD delivers backoffice services to businesses around the world, while offering young people work experience in the digital economy -- as well as a chance to complete higher education.

As a social enterprise we also needed to evaluate the market for social return on investment SROI. We conducted a market study on mobile services in Cambodia -- particularly content services like news, advertising, classified ads, weather, etc.

Sinceone social enterprise in Cambodia, DDDhas created jobs for more than youth from low-income families with a sustainable business model -- and helped them find professional careers with higher incomes. They have haddownloads across various categories and smartphones and is now integrated with SmartCloud's employee transport management solution:.

What's Impacting Social Impact? April 13, and Vodafone Foundation Technology Partnership, appropriately titled, In the world of social impact, the opportunity and the challenge lie determining how best to leverage social computing for the greater social good.

Laura has held a number of senior positions in Vodafone; developing Vodafone’s current global sustainable business strategy, and building and implementing a new social investment strategy for both Tanzania and India. United Nations Global Pulse will partner with the Vodafone Americas Foundation to embark on a several month study to evaluate the state of mobile data for social impact.

Consultations begin today with a panel discussion among industry experts on “data for development” at this year’s GSMA Mobile – Africa conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications, Berlin. likes. The Vodafone Institute is Vodafone’s European think and do tank. We explore the. Social impact of artificial intelligence When we are able to create machines smarter than humans, then those machines could do likewise, but much faster.

The problem of the threat of unfriendly artificial intelligence and losing control of the machines we have built remains unsolved. GSMA Global Mobile Awards Best Mobile Product, Initiative or Service in Emerging Markets; GSMA mWomen Award for the Vodafone Foundation’s RUDI Sandesha Vyavhar project Guardian Sustainable Business Awards Social Impact Award for the Vodafone Connected series of publications (see Research).

Social impact of vodafone
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