Gsm based projects

We need to entertain this function only if a fire accident has occurred. We have seen many typical Fire Alarm projects which will alert with a siren or that activates an automatic shutdown mechanism. I am attaching a photograph of the final output below.

Smartphone based data logger. This allows eight full-rate or sixteen half-rate speech channels per radio frequency.

Originally, two codecs, named after the types of data channel they were allocated, were used, called Half Rate 6. Finally, with the development of UMTSEFR was refactored into a variable-rate codec called AMR-Narrowbandwhich is high quality and robust against interference when used on full-rate channels, or less robust but still relatively high quality when used in good radio conditions on half-rate channel.

DC Motors speed synchronization for rolling mills. One man operable and works on anywhere on earth. This variable status will be set to value 1 when a fire accident occurs check the statement inside SetAlert. Travel assistant for blind with dynamic user input for location based alerts.

Build your own voice operated mobile phone.

GSM Projects from Experts.

In this tutorial, we are going to build a very interesting project — a Fire Alarm System which will send SMS to a set of Mobile Numbers when fire occurs in a particular location. Energy Meter reading on PC over wireless comm. Touchscreen based temperature monitoring and control system with graphical LCD.

Finger print and keypad based security access system. Picocells are small cells whose coverage diameter is a few dozen meters; they are mainly used indoors. The SIM is a detachable smart card containing the user's subscription information and phone book. Its prime function is call maintenance.

Infrared IR remote controlled Muscle Stimulator with duration and intensity control. Microcontroller and RF transceiver based chatting application with Touchscreen keyboard implementation.

Wireless Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver data logger. Base station subsystem — the base stations and their controllers Network and Switching Subsystem — the part of the network most similar to a fixed network, sometimes just called the "core network" GPRS Core Network — the optional part which allows packet-based Internet connections Operations support system OSS — network maintenance Base station subsystem[ edit ] GSM cell site antennas in the Deutsches MuseumMunichGermany GSM is a cellular networkwhich means that cell phones connect to it by searching for cells in the immediate vicinity.

Very useful for Civil engineers. Useful for Electricity Department personal for remote meter reading. If you are a beginner, read the following tutorials to grasp connections perfectly.

NevonProjects has the widest list of and c# based projects with source code. An project is a user friendly web development system that allows user to easily create web based projects.

GSM Based Projects for Engineering Students: 1. Railway Track Security System: Railway Track Security System. This project is designed to find the breakages or cracks on tracks in electric locomotive system and alert the railway department.

It is the latest technology to avoid railway accidents.

GSM based Projects

GPS & GSM Based Car Security System. Easy to find the stolen Car. Global Positioning System (GPS) has been used in various commercial applications including transportation, navigation and vehicle position tracking, which when coupled with GSM mobile phone technology, the technology can help locate stolen vehicle and retrieval process.

The above projects are a combination of C# and based projects kits with source code explanations to help you learn about dot net development. Download All Java Projects,Java Presentations, Java PPT's, Final year Java projects,CSE Java Projects. This is used to track the exact location of a vehicle using GPS tracking systems and give information about the position to concerned person through GSM via SMS.

Gsm based projects
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